About Us


To be the best digital platform in recruitment services in the Middle East.


Provide all jobs for job seekers and help companies recruit the best candidates quickly and easily.


Job for everyone.


Provide all the appropriate employment opportunities in the hands of all and help the companies to find the best candidates easily.

Who we are:

• Trust Group platform is one of the main platforms specialized in recruitment services that helps the Job seekers to get the best jobs in the major pioneering companies in Egypt and the middle east easily.
• Trust Group platform is one of the digital employment platforms that provides the best job opportunities for job seekers and supply with the best CVs for employers to easily find the best potential candidates.
• Trust Group provides the best offers for employers to find the best possible candidates through CVs and video tape fairly quickly.

Why us:

• Trust Group platform helped thousands youth in finding the appropriate jobs inside and outside Egypt.
• We have a long experience in the recruitment field for more than 10 years.
• Availability of all fields and different specialties and the easily access to the best professional cadres directly through our platform.
• The ease of registration as a company within one minute.
• The ease of searching of employees by several searching methods.
• The prices of the packages are considered the lowest compared to the competing sites.
• All employee's data are updated in a timely manner.
• You could not only make a CV but also you can make a video and view the job applicant's videos and download them.
• If there is an ad on the site, the ad will reach those who are in that field they requested precisely.
• You will receive a direct notification of those who are applying to the job you have posted in, you can see their profiles, CVs and videos.


• Trust Group platform provides the biggest number of CVs of the best candidates which is characterized by diversity and accuracy.
• Trust Group platform offers companies the best packages that are renewed monthly or annually according to the customers' desire.
• Trust Group offers evaluation of candidates via video and résumé, which facilitates the process of selecting the best candidates easily.
• Trust Group makes it easier for youth to add their data and send notifications in case of that companies make an advertisement about the required jobs.